Introduction and Application of Powertrain 3-Points Mounting (Pendulum Type) to Reduce Vibration of Vehicle: Experimental Investigation (1)

The Influence of Centre of Pressure on the Squeal Propensity of an Automotive Disc Brake (2)

Rotating Machinery Reliability Enhancement at Offshore Platform Via Effective Vibration Analysis (3)

Study on Engine Misfire Detection (EMD) Using Supervise Learning Algorithm (4-9)

Simplified instrument to realize real-time of metal ions concentration data on laboratory-scale model for demonstrated industrial effluent discharge (10-16)

Predicting the Hand-Arm Vibration Response Characteristics from the Handles with Coating Using a Lumped Parameter Model Designed (17-23)

Simulation of Aeroelastic System with Aerodynamic Nonlinearity (24-28)

Application of 2k Factorial Design in the Optimization of Phase Formation, Density and Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 (29-35)

Wind Tunnel Experiments of Stall Flutter with Structural Nonlinearity (36-40)

Multimode vibration energy harvesting device using parallel-plate system at wideband operating frequency range (41-46)

Increasing Brake Factor and Reducing Drum Brake Squeal Propensity through the Modification of Brake Shoe (47-53)

Noise abatement system in commercial aircraft by using Bias Acoustic Liner on nacelle lip-skin (54-59)

Acoustics and Speech Intelligibility Quality of Taman Putri Kulai, Johor, Multipurpose Hall (60-64)

Numerical analysis of transmission loss through various noise barrier (65-69)

Characterization of Sandwich-type Beam with Double Piezoelectric Patch Materials using ANSYS Software (70-74)

Evaluation of Speech Intelligibility of Malay Words in Terms of Reverberation in Medium Classroom (75-80)

Effects of Diameter of Sound Holes and their Position on the Natural Frequencies of Soundboards (81-91)

Application of the Active Force Control Method to Reduce the Vibration of the Suspended Handle: Experimental Investigation (92-95)

Challenges of the Design of Orthosis for Hand Tremor Attenuation of Parkinson's Disease Patients (96-103)

Correction of the Dynamic Effect in Weight Measurement using the Load Cell (104-109)

Dynamic Measurement of Engine Mount Properties Using Hysteresis Loop Method (110-115)

Structural Analysis on Stretchable Electronics Joints of Automotive LED Lighting under Vibration Loading (116-123)

A Study on the Driver and Passengers Comfort Due To Vehicle Floor Panel Vibration (124-129)


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