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ICVSSD2017 – Conference Schedule

Time   Program
0815 : Registration
0845 :

Session A : Vibration/General

- Chairperson : Dr. Hasnida Ab Samat

1000 :

Opening Ceremony

- Speech by ICVSSD2017 Chairman, Professor Dr. Zaidi Mohd Ripin

- Officiating Speech by Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering USM,    Professor Dr. Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alauddin

- Group photo session

1030 : Morning Break
1050 :

Keynote Address 1

“Introduction and Application of Powertrain 3-Points Mounting (Pendulum Type) to Reduce Vibration of Vehicle: Experimental Investigation”

Mr. Muhammad Razi Jusoh, Proton Holdings Berhad

1120 :

Session B : Vibration

- Chairperson : Dr. Mohamad Aizat Abas

1300 : Lunch Break
1400 :

Session C : Sound/Acoustics

- Chairperson : Dr. Ramdziah Md. Nasir

1530 :

Keynote Address 2

“The Influence of Centre of Pressure on the Squeal Propensity of an Automotive Disc Brake”

Professor Dr. David Barton, University of Leeds

1600 : Coffee Break
1615 :

Session D : System Dynamics

- Chairperson : Dr. Teoh Yew Heng

1730 :

Closing Ceremony

- Closing speech by ICVSSD2017 Chairman

- Dinner


ICVSSD2017 - Presentation Schedule

Session A (0845-1000) : Vibration/General

A1 01 0845 Study on Engine Misfire Detection (EMD) Using Supervise Learning Algorithm. Muhammad Zaim, Elmi Abu Bakar, Mohd Fauzi Ismail

Muhammad Zaim


A2 03 0900 Simplified instrument to realize real-time of metal ions concentration data on laboratory-scale model for demonstrated industrial effluent discharge. Mohammad Nizar Mohamed Zukri, Elmi Abu Bakar, Mohamad Nazir Abdullah

Elmi Abu Bakar


A3 06 0915 Application of 2k Factorial Design in the Optimization of Phase Formation, Density and Dielectric Properties of CaCu3Ti4O12. Muhammad Qusyairie Saari, Julie Juliewatty Mohamed, Nur Shafiza Afzan Mohd Shariff, Mohamad Johari Abu, Mohd Fariz Ab Rahman, Hasmaliza Mohamad, Zainal Arifin Ahmad

Muhammad Qusyairie Saari


A4 14 0930 Characterization of Sandwich-Type Beam With Double Piezoelectric Patch Materials Using Ansys Software. Nur Azima Aziz Jaafar, Ahmad Zhafran Ahmad Mazlan Nur Azima Aziz Jaafar (USM)
A5 21 0945 Structural Analysis on Stretchable Electronics Joints of Automotive LED Lighting under Vibration Loading. Fikri Sharif, Aziz Saad, Nadirah Mustafa, Fakhrozi Che Ani, Mohd Yusuf Tura Ali

Fikri Sharif


Session B (1120-1300) : Vibration

B1 04 1120 Analysis of handle design with anti-vibration coating using a lumped parameter model to predict the vibration response in the hand-arm system. B Jain A R Tony, Dr. M.S Alphin, D Velmurugan

B Jain A R Tony

(SSN, India)

B2 09 1135 Multimode vibration energy harvesting using dual cantilever system at wideband operating frequency range. Muhammad Zaki Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid, Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf Muhammad Zaki Abdul Rahim (UniKL)
B3 10 1150 Increasing Brake Factor and Reducing Drum Brake Squeal Propensity through the Modification of brake shoe. Siti Nor Nadirah Baba, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid, Shahril Nizam Mohamed Soid Siti Nor Nadirah Baba (UniKL)
B4 17 1205 Application of the Active Force Control Method to Reduce the Vibration of the Suspended Handle: Experimental Investigation. Farah Naimah Rogaizat, Ahmad Zhafran Ahmad Mazlan

Ahmad Zhafran A.Mazlan


B5 22 1220 Rotating Machinery Reliability Enhancement at Offshore Platform Via Effective Vibration Analysis. Syed Afdhal Sayed Ghazali, M Zaha Mira M Idrus Syed Afdhal Sayed Ghazali (Petronas)
B6 23 1235 A Study on the Driver and Passengers Comfort Due To Vehicle Floor Panel Vibration. Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf, Muhammad Najib Abdul Hamid, Muhammad Zaki Abdul Rahim Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf (UniKL)
B7 - 1250 Sponsor Talk 1 : INVICOM Test & Measurement. - INVICOM

Session C (1400-1530) : Sound/Acoustics

C1 11 1400 Noise Abatement System in Commercial Aircraft by using Bias Acoustic Liner. Qummare Azam, Mohd Azmi Ismail, Nurul Musfirah Mazlan

Qummare Azam


C2 12 1415 Acoustics and Speech Intelligibility Quality of Taman Putri, Kulai, Johor Multipurpose Hall. Mohamad Ngasri Dimon, Aulia Nur Zhahran, Mokhtar Harun, Siti Zaleha Abdul Hamid Mohamad Ngasri Dimon (UTM)
C3 13 1430 Numerical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Noise Isolation of Various Type of Walls From Traffic Noise. Kuan Lin Jie, Teoh Choe Yung, Ko Ying Hao, Goh Yeh Huann Kuan Lin Jie (KTAR)
C4 15 1445 Effect of Reverberation on Speech Intelligibility of Malay Words in Medium Classroom. Mokhtar Harun, Khairunnisa Mohd Yusof, Mohamad Ngasri Dimon, Puspa Inayat Khalid, Siti Zaleha Abdul Hamid, Nazli Che Din

Mokhtar Harun


C5 16 1500 Effects of Diameter of Sound Holes and Their Position on the Natural Frequencies of Soundboards. Chua Shyong Fei, Ko Ying Hao, Lee Meng Kong, Teoh Choe Yung, Goh Yeh Huann, Lee Yoon Ket

Chua Shyong Fei


C6 - 1515 Sponsor Talk 2 : DAG Technologies - DAG


Session D (1615-1730) : System Dynamics

D1 05 1615 Simulation of Aeroelastic System with Aerodynamic Nonlinearity. Muhamad Khairil Hafizi Mohd Zorkipli, Norizham Abdul Razak M. K. Hafizi M. Zorkipli (USM)
D2 07 1630 Limit Cycle Oscillation of Aeroelastic Testing Apparatus for Wind Tunnel Testing. Ahmad Faris R.Razaami, Norizham Abdul Razak A. Faris R.Razaami (USM)
D3 18 1645 Challenges of the Design of Orthosis for Hand Tremor Attenuation of Parkinson's Disease Patients. Zaidi Mohd Ripin, Chan Ping Yi and Goh Cheng Teik

Zaidi Mohd Ripin


D4 19 1700 Correction of the Dynamic Effect in Weight Measurement Using the Load Cell. Nabil Usamah, Izudin Alisah and Zaidi Mohd Ripin Nabil Usamah (USM)
D5 20 1715 Dynamic Measurement of Engine Mount Properties Using Hysteresis Loop Method. Iskandazaqwan Zikrullah, Lu-Ean Ooi Iskandazaqwan Zikrullah (USM)

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