ICVSSD 2018 - Main Schedule

Time   Program
0815 : Registration
0845 : Session A : Vibration/General (The Olive)
1000 :

Sponsor Session 1

- Presentation by INIVICOM Test & Measurement

1015 : Morning Break
1030 :

Session B : Vibration (The Olive)

Session C : Vibration (Olive 6)

1130 :

Keynote Adress 1

“Rotating Equipment Vibration Surveillance through Motion Amplification Technique”

Ir. Syed Afdhal Sayed Ghazali, Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd.

1200 :

Sponsor Session 2

- Presentation by DAG Technologies

1215 :

Officiating Ceremony

- Speech by Professor Dr. Zaidi Mohd Ripin, ICVSSD 2018 Chairman

- Speech by Professor Dr. Zainal Alimuddin Zainal Alauddin, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, USM

- Group photo session

1245 : Lunch Break
1400 :

Session D : System Dynamics (The Olive)

Session E : System Dynamics (Olive 6)

1515 :

Sponsor Session 3

- Presentation by MSC Software

1530 :

Keynote Adress 2

“Strategies for Noise Mitigations and Industrial Challenges of Acoustic Control in Dyson Vacuum Cleaners”

Dr. Adam Jong Si-Chung, Dyson Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

1600 : Coffee Break
1615 : Session F : Sound/Acoustics (The Olive)
1700 : Closing Ceremony and the Launching of ICVSSD 2019

ICVSSD 2018 - Presentation Schedule


Morning Session

Session A (0845-1000) : Vibration/General (Room - The Olive)

A1 07 0845 A Low Cost Potentiostat Device for Monitoring Aqueous Solution. S.N.H. Umar, E.A. Bakar, N.M. Kamaruddin, N. Uchiyama USM, TUT
A2 12 0900 Motion Analysis of a Low Cost Customized A-Scan Non-Destructive Testing Unit. M.N.M. Zukri, E.A. Bakar USM
A3 14 0915 Calculating the Sustain Moduli Elasticity for Reinforced Concrete Using New Approach of Rule Of Mixtures Application To Dam Monitoring. Z.F. Zulkefli, M.H. Zawawi, N.H. Hassan, M.R.R.M.A Zainol, M.A. Abas, A.Z.A. Mazlan UNITEN, USM
A4 15 0930 Topology Analysis of Bicycle Rim Brake Pad to Improve Braking Performance. L.O. Keong, C.Y. Teoh TAR UC
A5 18 0945 Effect of Step Height on The Aeration Efficiency Of Cascade Aerator System using Particle Image Velocimetry. A. Azman, M.H. Zawawi, N.H. Hassan, A. Abas, N.A. Razak, A.Z.A. Mazlan, Mohd Remy Rozainy M.A.Z USM, UNITEN

Session B (1030-1130) : Vibration (Room – The Olive)

B1 01 1030 Prediction of the Flow-Induced Vibration Response of the Chenderoh Dam Left Bank Section. M.H.M. Ghazali, M.H. Zawawi, N.H. Hassan, M.R.M. Radzi, A.Z.A. Mazlan, M.A. Abas, M.R.R.M.A. Zainol USM, UNITEN, TNB
B2 05 1045 Full-Field Vibration Measurement Using Camera Through Shearlet System. C.A. Wee, M.Z. Ngali UTHM
B3 09 1100 Modal Analysis of Vertical Wind Turbine Blade. L.Z. Yi, C.Y. Teoh TAR UC
B4 21 1115 The Effect of Lubrication on the Vibration of Roller Bearings. N.F.M. Yusof, Z.M. Ripin USM


Session C (1030-1130) :Vibration (Room – Olive 6)

C1 22 1030 Whole-body Vibration Analysis of Baby Hammock. Y.H. Ko, C.S. Geh TAR UC
C2 23 1045 Attenuation of Motorcycle Handle Vibration using Dynamic Vibration Absorber. M.I.A. Saifudin, N.M. Usamah, Z.M. Ripin USM
C3 26 1100 Sound and Vibration Damping Properties of Nonwoven Flax Reinforced Acrylic Polyester Composites. W.M.A. Wan Mamat Ali, O.L. Ean, Z.A. Mohd Ishak USM
C4 27 1115 Flow Analysis Inside the Cavity of Two Way Radio W.M. Hairudin, N.A. Ismail, N.F.A. Kamaruddin, Z.M.Ripin USM



Afternoon Session

Session D (1400-1515) : System Dynamics (Room – The Olive)

D1 02 1400 Modelling of the Coupled Beam-Piezoelectric Material with Hysteresis Non-Linearity Effect. M.H.A Satar, A.Z.A. Mazlan USM
D2 03 1415 Structural Dynamic Analysis of the Chenderoh Dam Sector Gate Section. M.H.M. Ghazali, M.H. Zawawi, N.H. Hassan, M.R.M. Radzi, A.Z.A. Mazlan, M.A. Abas, M.R.R.M.A. Zainol USM, UNITEN, TNB
D3 16 1430 Investigation of Damping Coefficient for Magnetorheological Elastomer. M.N.H. Hadzir, Z.A. Norfaidayu, M.S.M. Sabri, M.H. Abu-Bakar UNIKL
D4 19 1445 Development of Lower Limb Stroke Rehabilitation Machine (ILLSRM) with Brainwave Monitoring System. K.F. Law, D. Singh, Z.M. Ripin USM
D5 20 1500 Hand Tremor Differential Diagnosis System of Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor: A Comparison of Four Algorithms. K.H. Boey, C.H. Lim, L.C. Tan, P.Y. Chan, Z.M. Ripin USM


Session E (1400-1500) : System Dynamics (Room – Olive 6)

E1 30 1400 An Experimental Study on the Effect of Surface Texture on Contact Stiffness using Soft Material Z. Fuadi UNSYIAH
E2 24 1415 Modeling and Experiment of Electromagnetic Energy Harvester System by using Two Moving Mechanical System at Low Frequency Range M.Z.A. Rahim, M.N.A. Hamid, Z.N.M. Yusuf, S.N.M. Soid UNIKL
E3 25 1430 Experimental Identification on Non-linear Properties of Rubber Mount I.Z. Zainudin and L.E. Ooi USM
E4 29 1445 Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Nonlinearity Behavior in a Slender Cantilever Beam A.R. Bahari, M.A. Yunus, M.N.A. Rani, M.A. Ayub, W.I.I. Wan Iskandar Mirza UiTM


Session F (1615-1700) : Sound/Acoustics (Room – The Olive)

F1 31 1615 Breathing Sounds – Determination of Extremely Low SPL. M. Harun, R. Teoh Y. S, M. ‘A. A. Ahmad, M. Mohd. Mokji, You K. Y, S. A. R. Syed Abu Bakar, P. I. Khalid, S. Z. Abd. Hamid, R. Arsat UTM
F2 04 1630 Measurement of the Hissing-Type Noise and Vibration of the Automotive HVAC System. M.A.R. Paiman1, A.Z.A. Mazlan, M.H. Hamdan, M.S. Md. Isa, S. Man, M.Z.A. Ghapar, M.S.A. Sulaiman, T. Miyashita USM, PROTON, WASEDA
F3 28 1645 Deep Neural Network Tool Chatter Model for Aluminium Surface Milling using Acoustic Emission Sensor. M.A. Hasan, M.H. Abu-Bakar, R. Razuwan, Z. Nazri UNIKL