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      ICVSSD 2024 is now back. The conference this year has decided to bring the issue of humanity at the forefront. How technology,in particular vibration and other related technologies can be used to improve the quality of life of the mankind. More often than not the development of science in vibration has been driven by purely academic reason, smaller error, making assumptions to be more representing the reality, faster algorithm and non-linear effects. Much on the human side has not been given the rightful attention that it deserves. As researchers we need to pay more attention on the side of the research that benefiting mankind.

Vibration and system dynamics can influence the noise and comfort when the device or machine is used in human dwellings. This is a perpetual issue and attempts has been made to reduce the problem at source. Squeal noise, excessive machine tool vibration and focal vibration in stroke rehabilitation are typical issues where vibration analysis can be of benefit to mankind. We would like to see these expanded to cover larger human issues.

The conference this year also welcomes papers from the BioMedical research group as we believe that closer cooperation is needed to create synergy between engineering and medical. The plan is for the stroke rehabilitation research group to share their latest findings on the development of serious games and automatic scoring for the measurement of the patient improvement when undergoing stroke rehabilitation. The machine learning researchers will also be presenting their findings. This include intelligent low cost multi-axis load cell developed from the simple weighing scale by using Machine Learning with the hope of making multi-axis force measurement more accessible for laboratories in low-income countries.

Machine learning technology is now more matured, and there is clear indication that the adoption of ML in the machine condition monitoring can be made more feasible and accessible and does not require cutting edge softwares and devices. The challenge remains, the use of the off-the-shelf low cost sensors to form diagnostics and prognostics capabilities using ML. Will we be seeing more of these developed by small research groups or will the development work will still be dominated by the big companies. Bringing research work to the market is not straightforward. There are many challenges here and there is a need to rethink the approach to research when the intention is to bring the solution to the market. With that in mind, we will conduct a workshop “R3P : Research for Products, Patents and Publications – A New Paradigm” on the second day and I hope you can join us. Formation of strong marketable research solution group is necessary in order to better convey our vision to the funders and policymakers. Here you can listen and learn from the experience from technology developers.

The recent war in Ukraine and Palestine have highlighted the need to develop and advancing technology that can be used to alleviate the suffering of the people in the warzone. Disasters whether manmade or naturally occurring deserves the best minds to work on finding solutions that worked in the most austere condition. Whatever research we do, technology created from it must at the end benefiting human. Please join us in ICVSSD 2024 and Workshop R3P.

Thank you

Professor Zaidi Mohd Ripin
International Conference on Vibration, Sound and System Dynamics ICVSSD 2024,
Penang, Malaysia




4th International Conference on Vibration, Sound and System Dynamics (ICVSSD) & Workshop on Human Engineering on Addressing Back Pain at Workplace: Measurement and Intervention

PENANG 7-8 December 2022 - Researchers in the fields of Vibroacoustics, Human Engineering and Mechanical Engineering gathered in the Olive Tree Hotel, Penang on 7th and 8th December 2022 for the 4th International Conference on Vibration, Sound and System Dynamics (ICVSSD). The two-days event was organized by the VibrationLab, School of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and co-organized by Society of Vibration & Acoustic Malaysia (SVAM), Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute (UniKL-MSI) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TARUMT).

Organizing Committee of ICVSSD 2022

Attendees had the opportunity to hear a keynote speech from Ir. Ts. Syed Afdhal Sayed Ghazali PEng., Principal Engineer (Rotating Machinery) in IRSO Sarawak, who described the detailed investigation process, identified the root causes and mitigations in place to avoid recurrence of the centrifugal compressor experience high sub-synchronous vibration (SSV). The second keynote speaker Associate Professor Dr. Maziar Ramezani from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand provided an overview of the structural friction connections and their developments for mitigating seismic vibration-induced damage in buildings.
Keynote speech by PETRONAS

Associate Professor Jamaludin bin Abdullah, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, USM and Dr. Ooi Lu Ean, Vice Chairman of ICVSSD 2022 gave a speech during the officiating ceremony session. There were 37 papers presented during this conference. The attendees and presenters actively participated in the conference sessions, making for an engaging and dynamic experience. The conference was not limited to technical talks, also there was a great chance for companies such as Invicom, QiQo house and Quadrant2 Sdn. Bhd. to showcase their products and services.


Officiating ceremony by the Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering USM

In addition to the main conference events, there was workshop for attendees on the second day of the event to explore the knowledge related to Human Engineering on Addressing Back Pain at Workplace: Measurement and Intervention. The welcoming speech was addressed by the Chairman of ICVSSD 2022, Prof. Dr. Zaidi Mohd Ripin. The workshop invited En. Nor Zamzuri from DOSH to give the keynote speech, En. Ismail Abdul Rahman from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Dr. Mohamad Ikhwan Zaini Ridzwan, Chairman of the workshop to give a presentation. The wearable sensors technology in assessing the ergonomic risks at workplace was demonstrated by PhD students from USM.
Dr. Ooi Lu Ean, wrapped up the conference with a closing speech, where she acknowledged the attendees' participation and contributions to the success of the ICVSSD 2022 and announced that the ICVSSD 2023 would be held in Penang next year.
all participant
Picture with all the participants

ICVSSD 2022 - Vibroacoustic and Human Engineering

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SVSSD 2021

TheVibrationLab, School of Mechanical Engineering, USM has conducted Seminar on Sound, Vibration and System Dynamics (SVSSD 2021) on 22 December 2021, as a closing event for year 2021 at The Light Hotel, Penang. All 30 participants including researchers and postgraduate students have participated and presented their current research progress during the seminar. The Head of TheVibrationLab, Professor Zaidi Mohd Ripin has delivered a Keynote Speech entitled of “TheVibrationLab 2.0: Translation Research in Action”. He has presented on how the lab has been transformed from the fundamental research to applied research, where the output of the research is now in term of product development that can applied by industry and community, which also achieved the higher TRL level such as 7 and above. The team from UniKL-MSI also participated in this seminar as they are our collaborator for many years ago. Hopefully, all participants can benefit from the information and research progress for the future improvement of their research activities. See you again at ICVSSD 2022.



IGNITE-ICVSSD 2019 ended on a high note


The joint conference of the International Conference on Global Network for Innovative Technology (IGNITE) and International Conference on Vibration, Sound and Structural Dynamics ended on a high note today on the 2nd of December 2019 at the Park Royal Hotel and Resort, Pulau Pinang. The event was preceded with the welcoming dinner hosted by the School of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia to welcome the delegation from Toyohashi University of Technology and the official opening was by the Dean of the Schoolo of Mechanical Engineering, USM Associate Professor Jamaludin bin Abdullah.

 The conference keynote address by Prof Kazuhiko Terashima, Vice President of Toyohashi University of Technology was very inspiring where he demonstrated the application of intelligent control system applied on crane to reduce the sway and unwanted motion and at the same time reduce the cycle time. The second keynote speaker Mr Lim Yew Kee, Chairman of IET  Internet of Things Network, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), United Kingdon highlighted and demonstrated the importance of IoT in the daily life and how the technology can be used to improve the quality of life of the people.

The sponsor session was also very lively where Dr Norazmi Alias, the Senior VP of Collaboration Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)  elaborated the role of CREST in spearheading the industry-university collaboration in the electrical and electronic sector in Malaysia and was kind enough to highlight the achievement of TheVibrationLab as one of the active research group in the application of vibration and acoustic solution in the research collaboration with the industries, notably Motorola and Dyson in Malaysia. The conference also benefited from the advance solution in simulation as presented by Mr Kemarol of MSC Software and Mr Feisal from Invicom on the measurement solution from imc.

There were five parallel sessions conducted to accommodate more than 50 papers covering wide area and these is the largest number of papers presented in the history of ICVSSD. The sessions are lively with the interaction of the presenters and audience. This year the number of industry participants have increased with the participation of engineers from several industries like Dyson, Western Digital and Robert Bosch. This is definitely a good sign and hopefully more participants from industries will join the conference in the future.

This year conference is followed by a workshop on Big Data Analytics and IoT in Machine Condition Monitoring where experts from MSC Softeare, VISI and Invicom presented the advancement and application of the technique to the audience. There were 23 participants to the workshop.

The conference ended with a closing speech by Prof Zaidi Mohd Ripin, Chairman of ICVSSD 2019 where he thanked everyone for the participation and contribution to the success of the joint IGNITE-ICVSSD 2019 and announce that ICVSSD 2020 will be jointly organised with the Society of Vibration and Acoustics Malaysia (SVAM) and the Noise and Vibration Conference (NVC). See you in ICVSSD-NVC 2020 here in Penang next year.

TheVibrationLab succesfully conducted

Measurement Workshop 2019

Participants of the Measurement 2019 workshop. Thank you everyone!

TheVibrationLab of the School of Mechanical Engineering partnering with Invicom Sdn Bhd have successfully conducted a two day workshop for measuring vibration, sound, strain, force and temperature. The workshop was conducted on the 23-24th January 2019 at the Seminar Room, School of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

En Faisal of Invicom and En Amri explaining the functioning of load cell and the measurement system

The objective of the workshop is to introduce measurement system and theory and provide hands-on session for setting up measurement system with sensors and transducers, data acquisition system and post processing. The platform used in this workshop is imc device supplied by Invicom Sdn Bhd. The lectures were given by Prof Zaidi, En Faisal of Invicom, Dr Ooi and Dr Farhana.

Prof Zaidi demonstrating the vibration measurement and the FFT reading

The demo and hands on session was conducted by both En Faisal and En Wan Amri. The participants are mostly lecturers, post graduate research students and industry. The Dean, Associate Professor Dr Jamaludin was kind enough to officiate the opening ceremony on the first day. More than 20 participants attended the course where they were introduced to the measurement system and measurement platform of imc device.The networking activities among the participants, lecturers and supplier are expected to increase the measurement activities in the research work. In the closing remark Prof Zaidi reminded the participants of the importance of measurement in providing high quality scientific output which will eventually lead to better validated models and products.

vibSC4Participants installing the thermocouple wires to the signal conditioning module before connecting to the imc data acquisition system
vibSC5En Faisal of Invicom Sdn Bhd showing the participants on the setting up of the imc measurement system.

Call for Papers (ICVSSD 2018)


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The 2018 International Conference on Vibration, Sound and System Dynamics (ICVSSD 2018) seeks to bring together researchers in the area of vibration, sound and system dynamics and to share their latest findings in the area. The theme of this conference is "Translational Research in Knowledge Driven Economy" where we encourage presenters to highlight their research work that can lead to improved competitiveness and also well being of the industry and society. This meant that the research work will have to in the end address the issue of the people - safety, economy and the environment, which are the main pillars of knowledge economy.

The conference also seek to strengthen the tie between industry and universities and for that purpose, two keynote speakers from industry will be invited - as of now we are planning to invite one speaker each from Motorola and Dyson to enlighten the participants on the expectation and technology direction of industries. There is now more than ever the demand on the scientific community to demonstrate the link between the research investment made by the society and the impact of the research outcome of the society and we hope that this conference can be one of the avenue to demonstrate this.

It is the intention of this conference to encourage young researchers to present their work in front of technically qualified audience. With that in mind, we have decided that participant presenting their work will only be charged RM 800 per person to attend and present their work. With this we expect the younger generation will be more attracted to do research in this area.  This year we have decided that all the papers selected and presented in the conference will be published in a Scopus-indexed proceeding which has forced us to increase the conference fees and also the venue is located in the Olive Tree Hotel in the beautiful island of Penang.


ICVSSD 2017 A Focused And Intense Conference

The participants of the ICVSSD 2017

2 Aug. - TheVibrationLab, School of Mechanical Engineering USM together with UniKL Malaysian Spanish Institute and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College  proudly hosted the International Conference on Vibration, Sound and Structural Dynamics on the 2nd of Augusts 2017 at the Seminar Room, School of Mechanical Engineering, USM. The Chairman of the conference Professor Zaidi Mohd Ripin explained that the ICVSSD is a very focused conference and the event was organized such that it was affordable and accessible to the research community in Malaysia and the rest of Asia. 


icvssd2En. Sharum Man, Head of NVH for Testing & Development, Proton Holdings Berhad delivering the keynote address

The event was officiated by Professor Zainal Alimuddin,  the Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering. 22 papers were presented in the event which started at 8:30 am and ended at 6:30pm. Two keynote address were delivered by Mr Sharum Man from Proton and Professor David Barton from the Leeds University.


icvssd4Professor David Barton of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Leeds University, delivering the keynote address

The session was lively and the conference ended with a dinner in the evening where the participants took the opportunity to network and discuss on collaboration. Papers from the conference will be uploaded later and  will be  made open access. We look forward to ICVSSD 2018!


icvssd5Associate  Prof. Dr. Mohamad Ngasri Bin Dimon presenting his paper on building acoustics

icvssd3Mr Toni from  India presenting his work on hand arm vibration

TheVibrationLab Team wins First Prize for the National

Instrument Track  in the Innovate Malaysia Design

Competition 2017


innovate 2017The booth at the Innovate Malaysia  Design Competition 2017 from left Nabil, Ting, Tiew and Prof Zaidi. 

Two students  Tiew Yin Cheng and Ting Kin Choong from TheVibrationLab of the School of Mechanical Engineering, USM  won the first prize of the National Instruments track. The prize consists of RM 5000 cash and also two units of NI MyRIO control prototyping unit. The students presented their work on the Smart Rehabilitation Unit of The Lower Limb for Stroke Patients which is a machine used for the exercising of the paretic leg of the stroke patient. The novelty of the project is the introduction of the active exercise where the patient must exert a certain force in order to initiate the motion to ensure that the brain of the stroke patient is engaged during the  This project is  supervised by Professor Zaidi Mohd Ripin is part of the student's final year project and also the Integrated  Design Project is enlisted for the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition, taking advantage of the work and giving the students the exposure at the national level. The event was organised at Magic, Cyberjaya from 17-18th of July.  The prototype finishing was very professionally done, all thanks to the technical support of Encik Baharum and Wan Amri and the electrical wiring and instrumentation assistance were by Izzudin and Nabil. It was a truly proud moment for TheVibrationLab team which has won the first prize of the National instrument track twice now. 


Ting and Tiew presenting their work to the panel of judges from the National Instrument


- TheVibrationLab, School of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) with the collaboration of Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute (UniKL MSI) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC) are pleased to announce the 2017 International Conference on Vibration, Sound and System Dynamics (ICVSSD 2017) which be held at the School of Mechanical Engineering, USM on 2nd August 2017: 






- All are invited to the Professor Talk by the Head of TheVibrationLab USM, Prof. Dr. Zaidi Bin Mohd Ripin as below:

Prof Zaidi Poster 2




Member 2


      Welcome to TheVibrationLab, Universiti Sains Malaysia. We are one of the advanced Laboratory in the Sound and Vibration research areas in the Asia region. We welcome any collaboration from universities (local and oversea) and industries. Below highlights some of the main informations and our significant achivements:

- Currently, we have six researchers and two technical persons in TheVibrationLab team. The focused research areas in TheVibrationLab covers:


1) Sound and Vibration

2) Tribology (Wear and Friction)

3) Active Vibration Control

4) Hand-arm Vibration

5) Finite Element Analysis

6) Material Characterization (Rubber and Piezoelectric)

7) Structural Dynamic Optimization


- To date, the lab has produced 13 Ph.D. and 24 M.Sc. graduated students since year 2002 (Link)

- The lab has secured 30 Grants (Short & Long Terms, FRGS, ERGS, PRGS, E-science, CREST, KTP etc.) (Link)

- We have various World Class Instrumentation for the Sound and Vibration measurements (Link)

- We produce several Testing Services (Link), Short Courses (Link) and Consultancies that related to the Sound and Vibration areas

- Currently, we have secured 10 Public-private Research Network (PPRN) projects (Link) to the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) 

- To date, we have published 40 ISI Journals (Since year 2010) (Link) and won various Awards in the International Competitions (Link)  

- We have one commercial product namely as Universal Suspended Handle Adaptor for Petrol Engine Grass Trimmer. You can get this product by directly contact TheVibrationLab for only RM 30.00 each. (Link)


For any enquiries, please contact us as below:


SM 0.48, Ground Floor,

School of Mechanical Engineering,

Engineering Campus,

Universiti Sains Malaysia,

14300 Nibong Tebal,

Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +604-599-6346

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.