Book (From 2010 - Now)


1) M Ramezani and ZM Ripin (2012). Rubber-pad forming processes: Technology and applications, Woodhead Publishing Ltd, ISBN-10: 0857090941 ISBN-13: 978-2857090942.


Selected International Journals (From 2010 - Now)


1) M Ramezani, ZM Ripin, R Ahmad, HM Aki and M Damghani-Nouri (2010). High strain-rate bulge forming of sheet metals using a olid bulging medium, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 224: 257-270. (Impact factor: 0.281)

2) M Ramezani, ZM Ripin and R Ahmad (2010). Modelling of kinetic friction in V-bending of ultra-high-strength steel sheets, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 46: 101-110. (Impact factor: 0.743)

3) M Ramezani, ZM Ripin and R Ahmad (2010). Plastic bulging of sheet metals at high strain rates, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,  48: 847-858. (Impact factor: 0.743)

4) M Ramezani and ZM Ripin (2010). A friction model for dry contacts during metal forming processes, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 51: 93-102. (Impact factor: 0.743)

5) M Ramezani and ZM Ripin (2010). Combined experimental and numerical analysis of bulge test at high strain rates using split Hopkinson pressure bar apparatus, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 210: 1061-1069. (Impact factor: 1.143)

6) F Bahaaideen, ZM Ripin and ZA Ahmad (2010). Electroless Ni-P-Cg(graphite)-SiC composite coating and its application onto piston rings of a small two stroke utility engine, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 69: 830-834 (Impact factor: 0.359)

7) LE Ooi and ZM Ripin (2011). Dynamic stiffness and loss factor measurement of engine rubber mount by impact test, Materials and Design, 32: 1880–1887 (Impact factor: 1.694)

8) YC Tan and ZM Ripin (2011). Frictional behavior of piston rings of small utility two stroke engine under secondary motion of piston, Tribology International (Impact factor: 1.557)

9) YH Ko, LE Ooi and ZM Ripin (2011). The design and development of suspended handles for reducing hand-arm vibration in petrol-driven grass trimmer, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 41: 459-470 (Impact  factor: 1.322)

10) CY Teoh and ZM Ripin (2011). Transient analysis of drum brake squeal with binary flutter and negative friction-velocity instability mechanisms. Journal of Vibroengineering, 13: 632. (Impact factor: 0.357)

11) Ko YH, XM Lee and ZM Ripin (2011). Tuned vibration absorber for suppression of hand-arm vibration in electric grass trimmer. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 41: 494-508 (Impact factor: 1.322)

12) AA Saad, CJ Hyde, W Sun and TH Hyde (2011). Thermal-mechanical fatigue simulation of a P91 steel in a temperature range of 400-600 C. Materials at High Temperature, 28: 212-218. (Impact factor: 0.481)

13) M Ramezani, and ZM Ripin (2012). Analysis of deep drawing of sheet metal using the Marform processInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 59: 491-505 (Impact factor: 1.071)

14) M Ramezani and ZM Ripin (2012). A study on high ratio cup drawing by Maslennikov's process, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 58: 503-520. (Impact factor:1.071)

15) MK Abdullah, NC Ismail, MZ Abdullah, MA Mujeebu, KA Ahmad and ZM Ripin (2012)Effects of tip gap and amplitude of piezoelectric fans on the performance of heat sinks in microelectronic cooling, Heat and Mass Transfer, 48: 893-901. (Impact factor: 0.673)

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22) WH Tan and ZM Ripin (2013). Analysis of exhaust muffler with micro-perforated panel, Journal of Vibroengineering, 15:1392-8716 (Impact factor: 0.452)

23) HG Chuah and ZM Ripin (2013). Quantifying the surface roughness effect in microindentation using a proportional specimen resistance model, Journal of Materials Science, 10.1007/s10853-013-7429-z  (Impact factor: 2.015)

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