At TheVibrationLab, we provide various testing services in sound and vibration fields.


Vibration Testing

1) Vibration measurement (Spectral Testing)

- Acceleration, velocity and displacement

- Contacted and incontacted (using laser vibrometer/displacement) vibration measurements

2) Force measurement (static and dynamic up to 2000 N)

3) Modal Analysis using Impact Testing

4) Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) of the structure

5) Tremor and hand-arm vibration measurements

6) Order and Envelope measurements and analyses

7) Rubber and Piezo characterizations

8) Balancing measurement of the rotating machine

9) Stucture Dynamic Modification analysis


Acousting Testing

1) Sound Absorbtion and Transmission Loss measurements

2) Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurement

3) Sound Intensity and Mapping measurements

4) Acoustical analyses


For any detail devices available in the laboratory, please refer to the Instrumentation page.