Seminars/ Conferences/ Trainings


1. National Conference on Aerodynamics and Related Topics (ART 2001) at USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia. (23 December 2001)

2. International Conference of Electronics, Materials and Packaging (EMAP 2004) at Bayview Beach Resort, Penang, Malaysia. (5 - 7 December 2004)

3. Seminar on "Design, Materials, Process and Reliability for Advanced SMT Assemblies" co-organized with CPMT and IEEE at USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia, attended by Engineers from the electronic industries. (9 July 2004)

4. Seminar on "Advances in Heat Exchanger" at USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia, attended  by Facilities Engineers from various industries. (6 February 2004)

5. Short Course on “Vibration in Machine Condition Monitoring” at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia, a special course provided for four Lecturers from Japan Malaysia Technical Institute (JMTI). (March 2006)

6.Short Course on “Technical Competencies for Aerospace Engineers” at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia. (5 - 9 May 2008)

7. Short Course on “Finite Element Modelling and Measurement” at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia, attended by six Lecturers from Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI) - UniKL. (17 - 19 June 2008)

8. Vibration Laboratory Training for undergraduate students of Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI)-UniKL at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia. (October 2009) Picture

9. LMS Equipment Seminar at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia. (March 2011) Picture

10. Rotating Machinery and Diagnostics Training for the Air Force Engineers at PUSPEKA, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Subang, Malaysia. (27 - 28 October 2011) Picture

11. Rotating Machinery and Diagnostics Training for S&V Teknik Customers (STRIDE), at TheVibrationLab USM Engineering Campus, Penang, Malaysia. (2 - 3 November 2011) Picture

12. LMS Training (Modal Analysis) at Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia. attended by Lecturers, Technicians and Postgraduate students (16 - 19 February 2014) Picture

13. LMS Training (Modal Analysis) at Dyson, Johor, Malaysia. attended by five Dyson Engineers (12 - 13 April 2014) Picture

14. The Vibration Seminar (VibS 2014) at Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI) - UniKL, Kedah, Malaysia, attended by four UniKL Lecturers and ten USM Postgraduate students. (27 November 2014)

15. 2017 International Conference on Vibration Sound and System Dynamics (ICVSSD 2017) at School of Mechanical Engineering - USM, Penang, Malaysia, attended by 30 participants worldwide. (2 August 2017) Link