At TheVibrationLab, we provide several short courses and seminars in our expertise areas, including:


1) Short course on the Experimental Modal Analysis

2) Short course on the Spectral Measurement/ Operational Deflection Shape

3) Short course on the Rubber Characterization

4) Short course on the Sound Measurement (Sound Intensity/ Mapping/ Absobtion/ Trasmission Loss)

5) Short course on the Experimental and Dynamic Modelling of the Structure

6) Short course on the Active Vibration Control (Experiment and Simulation)


All the courses usually will take about 2 - 3 days. You can request any of the listed courses at any time. We will provide the place, devices and also the food (breakfast, lunch and tea break).

You can refer to the links for previous short courses and consultancies that have been done by TheVibrationLab.